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Timmus takes us on a mystical journey through his signature sound for the fourth instalment of the Perception series. This is an extremely special episode to us hosting our first ever album showcase, letting Tim present his musical productions live in a scenic outdoor environment. We were gifted with a moody and foggy morning in a forest location in the Victorian mountain ranges, which suited the soundtrack perfectly.

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‘The Bridge’ has been in creation for the past couple of years, with Timmus stating it to be his best work to date. After listening closely to the entirety of the collection, we couldn’t agree more. Featuring smooth deep house grooves, weaving through quirky complex micro house, and followed by a flavorsome serving of upbeat minimal tech. This creation covers all styles Timmus represents so perfectly, and he does so in such style. A true performer while on stage, he does not disappoint with his eclectic dance and visual display of the music he is presenting to the world.


The album has just been released through Melbourne’s very own Smash Bang Records, with a string of album launch events to follow around the country. But here we present to you ‘The Bridge’ live in 4K from one of the countries favourite producers, Timmus.


‘THE BRIDGE’ Album support:



Timmus - When Reality Becomes a Dream

Timmus - Angel

Timmus – Puzzle Peace

Timmus - Lyrebird Larry Levitation

Timmus - Moon'ism Manifesto (feat. Genie Houdini)

Timmus - Change Is in the Air My Friend (feat. DLNJA)

Timmus – Soul Beam (feat. Eartha) Timmus – The Bridge

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