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After a short hiatus to regroup and brainstorm at DEPTH. HQ, we return to our beloved Perception series with an artist pushing the boundaries with his own distinctive sound. Next up performing his original music is none other than Mount Mike.


A well known and loved figure within the electronic music scene here in Australia, Mike is one of the brains behind Premium Tuna. A radio show presenting some of the best local artists and showcasing their music over the KISS FM airwaves.

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He has been living between Canada and Australia over the past few years, and honing his sound by blending deep, quirky tech house, with influences of acid and 2000’s electro. With a string of releases to his name, he has been working with some incredible artists from across the globe. Collaborating with names such as Boy Oh Boy, Savaggio, Fosters, Gilles Bernies, and attracting remixes from artists like Kellerkind, Joe Miller, Connor Mac, Sparrow and Barborossa, Rem Siman and more.


A dark moody sunset was the backdrop for the performance, filmed right on the coastline here in Victoria. Mount Mike guides us through a very unique set list of his music. Plenty of unreleased tracks, featuring vocals, acid basslines, chopped percussion grooves, which move through various styles of his signature sound. So, strap yourself in as we embark on a journey to Mount Mike.




Mount Mike - Unreleased

Mount Mike & Ellen James - Unreleased

Djuma Soundsystem - Koma Kobache (Mount Mike & Savaggio's Braemer Cover)

Neşe Karaböcek - Yali Yali (Mount Mike Edit)

Mount Mike - Feelin’ Good

Ram Jam - Black Betty (Mount Mike Acid Rework)

Gilles Bernies - There Will Be Light (Mount Mike Remix)

Mount Mike - Unreleased

Mount Mike - Unreleased

Mount Mike, Boy Oh Boy - Para Onde (Original Mix)

Mount Mike - Unreleased

Fosters - Key Z (Mount Mike Remix) + Madonna - Hung Up Acapella

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