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After a huge year throughout 2023 hosting some of the best Australian artists, we return in 2024 to kick it off in style. We've watched this particular project grow over the years, and evolve into a world class outfit. We are super pleased to present to you Moontide Ensemble to launch our 2024 DEPTH. PERCEPTION showcase series.

Louis Tobin is the brains behind the Moontide alias. With years of experience under his belt and quality releases spanning an array of different electronic realms, Louis has found his distinct live sound in the world of Moontide.

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The Moontide project focuses on downtempo, world-like electronica, with a huge influence of culture's and sounds from around the globe. Having lived and travelled alot of different countries, Louis has collected and created a huge catalogue of varied sounds and uses these within his productions.


The perfect blend of complex listening music with a real focus on composition, through to upbeat electronica with grooving basslines fit for the festival stage.


In recent times the introduction of the Ensemble has come to fruition, featuring carefully selected artists to create a live electronic outfit Australia is proud to call their own. We were lucky enough to have the full band perform for us here at our Perception series. Special mention to Michael (Sax + Bass), Miles (Guitar + Vocals) & Nick (Percussion + Piano) for an outstanding performance for the episode.


This particular set features mostly unreleased music from Louis, including his song titled "Home" which is from his upcoming album set for release in February.


Without further ado we present to you Moontide Ensemble live in a beautiful coastal farmland location here in Victoria. Please enjoy and show your support by following the artists and subscribing to our channel.

Moontide - Intro
Moontide - Backfoot Groove
Agnes Obel - Fuel To Fire (Moontide Cover)
Moontide - Sid
Moontide - Ode
Moontide - Home
Moontide - A Soft Bloom
Moontide - Prog Dawg
Moontide - Let If Grow
Moontide - Be Still My Heart

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